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Projects: VIP Assessment Services


VIP Leadership Assessment in Recruitment and Development (in English)
Client: EMEA-Region, International Industry Group
Project: Assessment of management-, leadership- and entrepreneurial competence of external and internal candidates; benchmarking, rating und recommendations by VIP Consulting
Contact: Angela Schuh

EMEA Leadership Development (in English)
Client: International IT Service Provider (USA)
Project: Assessment of all EMEA Managers and recommendations for development of leadership competencies and leadership culture in Europe, Middle East and Africa
Contact: Angela Schuh

Analysis of Leadership Behavior as a Basis for Career Planning
Client: Austrian Industrial Enterprise, German Industrial Enterprise
Project: External evaluation of leadership and management behavior for tailor-made development activities and staffing decisions
Contact: Franz Heimel

Client: Juridical Institutions
Project: Support in the selection process of candidate judges relating to non-technical competencies
Contact: Kurt Baumgart

Evaluation and Development of Leadership Competence
Client: Leading Financial Services Group
Project: Behavior-oriented competence-analyses of all managers including recommendations for organizational and leadership developments; comparison of strengths-weaknesses profiles, evaluations for individuals and organizational units, final presentation to executive board
Contact: Angela Schuh

Succession-Planning Based on VIP Assessment
Client: Austrian Industrial Enterprise
Project: VIP Assessment results as starting point for succession planning for top management position, recommendations for individual as well as organizational development activities, facilitating further succession process
Contact: Franz Heimel

VIP Management Potential Analysis - Talent Management
Client: Owner-Managed Production Company, CEE
Project: Tailor-made project design for company-specific requirements, assessment of leadership and performance potential and alignment with company culture, recommendations for suitable assignments and specific development activities
Contact: Angela Schuh

Assessment Center for High Performers
Client: German Infrastructure Company
Project: Design and execution: group assessment for selection of TOP Leadership Program participants, members of executive board as assessors
Contact: Kurt Baumgart




Projects: HR Consulting


Social Plan and Works Agreement in Austria and Germany
Client: Industrial Corporation
Project: Negotiation of social plans, bargaining and works agreements in the course of change in operations; implementation of required action steps in the role of interim HR manager
Contact: Kurt Baumgart

Job Evaluation and Compensation Scheme
Client: University of Economics and Business
Project: Design of the new salary and job evaluation scheme, re-evaluation of all positions, ongoing consulting to the evaluation committee
Contact: Kurt Baumgart

Management Feedback
Client: International Corporation
Project: Worldwide online employee survey (English and Mandarin) on the leadership behavior of their management as a basis for development activities, personal feedback session with each manager
Contact: Kurt Baumgart

VIP ORG CHECK-UP as Early Alert and Controlling Tool
Client: Leading Production Company
Project: Benchmarking of selected management-, personnel- and organizational areas in comparison to best practices; recommendations for capitalizing on potentials for optimization
Contact: Kurt Baumgart

Design and Organization TOP Leadership Program
Client: Service Company, Germany
Project: Design and monitoring of a strategic leadership program supporting activities, mentors, project-work, selection of trainers and consulting to top management
Contact: Kurt Baumgart

Technical Consultation: Effective Recruiting
Client: International Industrial Company
Project: Expert input and support in relaunching the HR process for recruitment and staffing with internal and external candidates in a more structured and efficient manner
Contact: Angela Schuh

Succession Planning and HR Organization for Owner
Client: Owner-Managed Wholesale Company
Project: Consulting to Owner/ General Manager, process design and facilitation, selection of and interviews with internal and external candidates
Contact: Kurt Baumgart




Projects: Leveraging Leadership


Workshops: Improving Results through Crosslinking Technical Experts
Client: International Industry Group
Project: Continuous improvement through sharing and systematically applying internal know-how, crosslinking key players, deploying information and receiving relevant input for internal decision making
Contact: Franz Heimel

Conflict Consulting and Conflict Moderation
Client: Market-Leading Service Company
Project: Structured process for analysis of respective standpoints, causes of conflict and potential solutions one on one; workshops with all parties involved on optimizing internal collaboration; monitoring of agreed action steps
Contact: Angela Schuh

Facilitation: New Services Standards to Raise Efficiency
Client: Austrian Service Company / Safety
Project: Alignment of responsibilities of squad leaders, defining roles and responsibilities, integrating challenging performance goals with high quality standards
Contact: Franz Heimel

Individual Program: Strengthening Assertiveness in a New Leadership Role
Client: Services, Industry, Non-Profit
Project: Individual consulting and support for growing into a (new) leadership role, stronger standing in people management, setting and consolidating own leadership agenda
Contact: Franz Heimel

Integration of Different Corporate Cultures
Client: Polish Subsidiary of International Industrial Company
Project: Identification of areas of discord and dissent, facilitation of resolving and defining common processes and standards, planning of implementation steps and accompanying communication.
Contact: Franz Heimel

Consulting: Leadership Structure for D/A/CH Region
Client: Services / Media
Project: Market- and business-development goals as guidelines for set-up of project teams, internal processes and requirement profiles for staff; consulting to decision-makers and key-staff; alignment of policy and activities within management team
Contact: Franz Heimel

VIP Management Coaching
Client: Managing Director, Business Unit Manager
Project: Personalized support in ongoing matters in a confidential one-on-one setting; reflection, change of perspectives, subject-matter related expert input, expansion of context; concrete solutions and action steps, success factors as well as implementation support
Contact: Angela Schuh

Coaching Program with Current Status Analysis
Client: Industrial Company
Project: Tailor-made coaching-program for managers, based on an external and neutral VIP Current Status Analysis of management and leadership behavior, also involving the direct manager
Contact: Angela Schuh

Process Facilitation and Team Coaching: High Performance Collaboration
Client: Management Board of a Service Company
Project: Tailor-made process and external facilitation for enhancing internal communication and effectiveness as management team
Contact: Angela Schuh