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Our solid expertise and benchmarks regarding social, management and leadership competence as well as development and learning potential (validity empirically tested) are based on more than 6000 German and English management evaluations (qualification and potential analyses) over the past years.

VIP competence profiles provide an additional external and neutral basis for decision making. They help reduce the risk for our clients when taking important decisions especially in recruiting, succession-planning as well as in systematic leadership development.


VIP Leadership Assessment Interactive, behavior based individual evaluation, by means of critical incidents and case studies - especially for selection

VIP Leadership Development Personal development evaluation for managers including feedback and specific recommendations for further growth

Management Audit Evaluation of the whole management, comparable competence profiles, analysis and recommendations for leadership and organizational development, feedback to participants and presentation of results to top management

VIP Potential-Analyses Evaluation of further performance and leadership potential of junior and key staff, personal feedback and specific recommendations for further development

Evaluation of 8 - 12 participants with external / internal assessors - for selection and development

Job-related Online-Tests Functional and technical; standardized aptitude testing

Hearings and Selection-Processes Design and facilitation von internal selection processes, VIP Experts as technical project-lead

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