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Managers and leaders face high expectations of their organizations. They are sandwiched between the interests of their employees and those of the company.

By demonstrating sense of responsibility, creative drive, self-confidence and team spirit Experienced and strong leaders leverage the performance results, employee motivation and quality of collaboration.

In order to strengthen the effectiveness of leadership we address the respective focus groups with tried and tested methods.


Our VIP consulting range of consulting services includes:

Leveraging Leadership for individual Managers

  • VIP Qualifications- and Potential Analysis for personal career planning
  • VIP Leadership Profile with feedback und recommendations for further development
  • Leadershipstyle-analysis - external feedback and reflection of current leadership behavior
  • 360° Feedback for individual managers
  • Intensive program: for key players about to take over (extended) leadership responsibility
  • Coaching Program incl. VIP evaluation of strengths and development areas
  • VIP Executive Coaching


Leveraging Leadership for Groups and Teams

  • VIP Leadership Profile with feedback; group results, internal benchmarks und concrete recommendations
  • Development Planning based on internal and external feedback
  • Intensive programs for 3 - 5 managers (on the same management level)
  • Hands-on special competence training for dealing with critical leadership situations (e.g. difficult appraisals, performance evaluation etc.)
  • Alignment of agenda and priorities of management teams
  • Team coaching and team-building workshops to boost effectivity
  • Consulting and facilitation of conflict resolution
  • Follow-up workshops to employee surveys and leadership feedback


Leveraging Leadership for Organizational Units

  • Design und optimization of leadership tools
  • Organizational analyses and recommendations for follow-up activities
  • Realignment of the leadership culture
  • VIP Leadership Development: competence profiles and group results with recommendations
  • Leadership programs for selected groups of managers
  • Facilitating change processes to help improve collaboration in new organizational entities
  • Customer-defined workshops and facilitation of internal processes
  • Workshops for improving internal organization and collaboration


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